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Sunday, June 8, 2014

The month of Shabaan is a most auspicious one.the Holy Prophet has referred to it as"MY MONTH" and during this month,HE used to fast more than in any other month besides Ramadaan.

The 15th night of Shabaan is known as SHAB-e-BARAAT,which is next to Lailatul Qadir (27th night of Ramadaan) in auspiciousness. The Holy Prophet is reported to have said: "People are not aware of the excellence of the month of Shabaan, the month that comes between the months of Rajab and Ramadaan. In this month, the action of the people are presented (to ALLAH).I wish my actions to be presented whilst I am fasting."

On this night which begins from Magrib salaah Azan, the AMAL NAMA (record book) of a person containing all his deeds of the past year are closed and kept away in preservation till the day of resurrection and new Record books are started. Also,on this night,the various angels in charge of births, deaths, etc, are brieffed and are assigned and instructed by ALMIGHTY ALLAH their various duties-the names and number of people who are to die during the coming year, births and the dates and times they are to take place during the coming year.

DEAR MUSLIM BROTHER AND SISTERS - the bountiful ALLAH in HIS infinite mercy has provided us with such an auspicious night so that we may take advantage of it and repent for our sins,and thus obtain HIS grace and is for us to take full advantage of this night and during this night, offer special prayers and repent sincerely for our past sins and ask for HIS forgiveness.
Hazret Ali has said: "o people, spend the 15th night of shabaan in divine worship and keep fast on the 15th day of shabaan. on this auspicious night, ALLAH spreads HIS mercy on the earth and calls out: 'IS THERE ANY WHO SEEKS CURE FROM ILLNESS THAT I MAY CURE HIM? Thus HE calls the needy ,and grants them their needs, up till dawn."
(ibn majah)

Also on this night the doors of mercy and forgiveness are opened wide,and those who sincerely grieve over and repent for thier past sins and seek forgiveness from ALLAH, are pardoned and forgiven by the grace of ALLAH, the mercy.

Hazret ABU BAKR said:"on the night of Shabaan, ALLAH spreads HIS mercy on the earth and pardons all the sinners except the Polytheist,the Hypocrites and those who harbour ill-feeling towards their brethren." (baihaqi)

Further,a special point must also be made to visit the cemetery on this night and spend a long time there,reading and praying for the deceased.

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Finally,on the 13th,14th,and 15th of this month one must fast not only to end one's AMAL NAMA with a good deed and begin the new AMAL NAMA with a good deed, but also because the Holy Prophethas said : "O PEOPLE,LIGHTEN AND CLEANSE THY BIDIES BY WAY OF FASTING DURING SHABAAN,SO THAT IS SHALL BE EASY AND HELPFUL TO YOU FOR THE FASTING DURING RAMADAAN.WHO SO FASTS THREE DAYS DURING SHABAAN,ALL HIS PAST SINS ARE WIPED OFF."



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