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Friday, June 28, 2019

Those who believe in Allah (swt) observe the consent of the Almighty Allah (swt) in everything they do.
They protect the rights of their family, relatives, neighbors, and employees.
They fulfill every job undertaken with the consciousness of trust.
Jumma Mubarak !...

* * * * *

Those who believe in Allah (swt) know that even the smallest benevolence will be rewarded and even the smallest evil will be punished.
They do not attach more importance to the world than the Hereafter, and they live a life for which they can account.
Jumma Mubarak !...

* * * * *

Those who believe in Allah (swt) cannot be rude and oppressive.
On the contrary, they value consultation in all their endeavors.
They adopt mercy and compassion as principle.
Jumma Mubarak !...

* * * * *

Muslims who believe in Allah (swt) are tightly bound to their homeland, fellow citizens, religion, and values.
They may sacrifice their property and even their life, but they do not turn away from their sacred values.
Jumma Mubarak !...

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He is the One Who created me, and He alone guides me.
He is the One Who provides me with food and drink.
And He alone heals me when I am sick.
And He is the One Who will cause me to die, and then bring me back to life.
And He is the One Who, I hope, will forgive my flaws on the Day of Judgement
Jumma Mubarak !...
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