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Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Islamic new year wil be a year of favour, success, blessing to all muslim around the world and our country at large, Insha allah. Happy New Year.

* * * * *

I congratulate your new year in advance.

* * * * *

You alone we worship,
& you alone we ask for help,
for each and everything.
May your faith in Him
always bring you
peace and prosperity…
Happy New Hijri Year!

May all the praises
and thanks be to Allah.
To whom belongs all
that is in heavens
& in the earth.
Have a blessed Muharram!

* * * * *

On the auspicious day of Muharram, may Allah bless you with health, wealth, peace and happiness!

muharram new year

Let us believe in the messenger of Allah
and follow the light
which has been
sent down with Him.
Have a blessed Muharram…

happy new islamic year

A very happy Islamic New Year to you and and your family!   

* * * * * 

Happy Muharram!

happy islamic hijri new year images

I wish you the “ISLAMIC YEAR”. Happy new “ISLAMIC YEAR 1441 HIJRI”

happy hijri new year

May Allah almighty shower his blessing on Muslim Ummah n all Islamic Countrie New hijri year. 1441 Mubarak

* * * * *

Muharram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year in which fighting is prohibited. Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, Muharram moves from year to year when compared with the Gregorian calendar.

Muharram is so called because it is unlawful to fight during this month; the word is derived from the word haram, meaning "forbidden". It is held to be the most sacred of all the months, excluding Ramadan. Some Muslims fast during these days. The tenth day of Muharram is called Yaumu-l 'Ashurah, which is known by Shia Muslims as 'the day of grief'.

happy new hijri year

Some Sunni Muslims fast during this day, because Prophet Musa A.S (Moses) and his ummah got victory against Pharoah on this 10th day of moharram; according to them Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu alayhi wa sallam) asked Muslims to fast on this day, and also a day extra either before or after, so that they are not similar to Jews. Since jews use to fast for 1 day due to the same reason.

Fasting differs among the Muslim groupings; mainstream Shia Muslims stop eating and drinking during sunlight hours and do not eat until late afternoon. Sunni Muslims also fast during Muharram for the first 10 days of Muharram, just the tenth day or on both the ninth and tenth days; the exact term depending on the individual. Shia Muslims do so to replicate the sufferings of Husayn ibn Ali on the day of Ashurah. Some Shia Muslims, especially in India, go further in their attempts of replication, including self-flagellation

Last year is for "MEMORIES".. 
Next year is a "IMAGINATION".. 
This year is "GOD's GIFT".. 
wish u a very "Happy 
Muharram"Hijri 1441 

* * * * * 

Hijri 1441, Another New year in our Life.  begin to purify our hearts with 
Thasbeeh,Thahmeeth & Thahleel every day until end of our life.I make du'a for u & ur family in this first day.
"Have a Happy Muharram" 

New Day.. 
New Hopes.. 
New Plans.. 
New Efforts.. 

I Pray Allah to give u a successful life. 
Have a "HAPPY MUHARRAM" Hijri-1441

* * * * *


“O Allah guide us... Unite us... reduce the suffering and hardship of every Muslim... 
O Allah give us knowledge and wisdom...give us strength and character...
O Allah Forgive Our Sins,and save us from torture of grave and fire of hell.. 
O Allah make us obedient to your Commands and the Sunnah of our Holy Prophet (pbuh) and guide 
Ummah to success in this world and in the hereafter.”
Muharram mubarak!

Let us remember Allah’s Messenger’s Hijrah from Makkah to Medina, and the transformation of Yasrib into Medina.
Let us reminisce about Hijrah, the great milestone in the Islamic cause.
Let us remember Umar’s adoption of Hijrah as the beginning of the Islamic calendar.
And let us remember that the real Hijrah today is to emigrate from evil that is forbidden from Allah and His Messenger.
On that note, I pray to the Almighty Lord that our new hijri year which starts on Sunday may bring good things.

* * * * *

Let us also remember the month of Muharram
Let us remember Muharram ul haram, the month worthy of reverence, and Ashura, and also remember Karbala with sorrow.
Let us remember Hussain, the highest of martyrs, the lord of paradise youth.
Let us send our greetings and regards to Allah’s Messenger, and his family.

happy new year for the all muslims in the world 1441

* *  * * *

Wishing you & your family…
New Year full of
peace, happiness and abundance of all…
May Allah bless you throughout the new year
Muharram Mubarak!

islamic hijri new year images

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