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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kids are cute
Flowers are cute
Everythıng is cute
When you are with me

* * * * *

A cute boy asks a fallen rose:
Don’t u get hurt wen u r plucked?
Rose replied: No I forget my pain thinking that
i am now in the hand of Cutest person

Your smile can be compared to a flower
Your voice can be compared to a cuckoo
Your innocence to a child
But in stupidity you have no comparison
You�re the best!

* * * * *

You are one of the most CUTE persons in the world!!
Just a second, don?t misunderstand.
CUTE means:

Value of Relation:
Is Not That How Much You Feel Happy With Someone,

But it is That How Much You Feel Alone Without Someone..

* * * * *


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