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Friday, June 6, 2014

Very beautiful Jummah Mubarak Cards from Turkey

the day of jummah includes an hour during which all supplications are accepted

It is a day of ‘Eid that is repeated every week.
Jummah Mubarak!

jummah mubarak images

jummah mubarak photos

jummah mubarak cards

jummah mubarak messages

jummah messages

jummah mubarak images

The word of testimony is a solid oath we take for our Lord promising a believer’s attitude during our entire life.
Jummah Mubarak!

jummah mubarak images

jummah mubarak images

jummah mubarak

Jummah Mubarak images are from Ankara and Istanbul Mosques photos...

* * * * *

Merciful ALLAH Our Sins Are So Many
But Your Mercy Is Limitless
Please Forgive Us
You Are The Greatest Forgiver
You Love To Forgive
Please Forgive me,
my Parents,
my Family,
my friends
And The Whole Muslim Ummahh Past & Present

jumma pray

Pray is an Amazing Exchange.
You handover Your Worries to ALLAH.
& Allah handsover His Blessings to You
Just keep Praying and Remember me in Ur Prayer
Jumma Mubarak!

* * * * *

The closest that a servant of God is to his Lord is while he is prostrating,
Jummah mubarak!

How close a person will be to God is determined in accordance with the degree of his modesty and humility.
Jummah mubarak!

* * * * *

Remember that everybody will define their own consequence in the afterlife with what they do in this world. Nobody will lay the burden of their own responsibility and account on others.
On that great day, our loyal faith, our sincere intent, our true knowledge, our good deeds, our sound heart will be our sole hope. The profound compassion of the Almighty will be our sole shelter.
Jumma Mubarak!

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